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Grade 7 Music Theory (Trinity)

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A complete course following the Trinity College London Grade 7 Music Theory Syllabus.

With exercises, practice test and answers.

(With UK and USA terminology)

Course Includes:

Irregular Tuplets

Time signatures

Prevailing Key

Identifying the Prevailing Key

Direct Modulation

Dorian Mode

Major and Minor Penatonic Scales

Blues Scales

The Whole Tone Scale


Transposing into/out of Written Pitch

Transposing a 12-Bar Blues Progression


Chord ii7 and ii-dim7 (Supertonic 7th)

Secondary 7ths

Secondary 7th Chord Symbols

Tierce de Picardie (Major Tonic in Minor Keys)

Voice Leading

7ths Voice Leading

Voice Leading - Exceptions to the "rules"


Cadential 6/4

Completing a Pre-Cadence

Arpeggio 6/4

Inverted Cadence

Phryrgian Cadence

Pivot Chords

Harmonic Sequence with Suspensions


Auxiliary Notes

Auxiliary Harmony Notes


Chromatic Appoggiaturas



Analysing Harmony with Decoration

The Classical Era

Sonata Form

Rondo and Rondo-Sonata Form

The Sonata and Sonatina

The Coda

The Scherzo and Trio

The Symphony

The String Quartet

The 12-Bar Blues

The Woodwind

The Brass

Classical Brass

The Percussion

Transcribing a String Quartet

Keyboard Accompaniment Styles

Musical Terms and Symbols


Grade 7 Practice Test

You will get a PDF (2MB) file