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Grade 6 Music Theory (Trinity)

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A complete course following the Trinity College London Grade 6 Music Theory Syllabus.

With exercises, practice test and answers.

(With UK and USA terminology)

Contents includes:

Double Dotted Notes


Demisemiquaver Triplets and Sextuplets


Swung Quavers

The Aeolian Mode

Pentatonic Major and Minor Scales

The Blues Scale

Transposing To/From Concert Pitch

Mediant and Leading Note Chords

Chords and their Inversions

Diminished and Supertonic 7th Chord

Figured Bass

Chord Progressions


Harmonic Sequence

SATB Harmony

Transferring Open-Close Score

Texture and Orchestration

The Baroque era

Ternary Form

The Baroque Suite

Air and Variations

The Chorale

The Folk Ballad


Musical Terms

Practice Test

You will get a PDF (2MB) file